Feel Better

Since the moment your little one started her cancer fight, you’ve heard a lot of things.


You’ve heard all the risks and side effects of her treatment, you’ve heard how to keep her lines sterile and what to do when her counts are low.


But you’ve never heard how to help her cope.


You walk into that hospital each and every time, and you have no idea how to prevent the sobs you know are coming.


You try to prepare her for each procedure, but there’s just so much fear, and it’s hard for her to understand, so both of you get caught up in a rip tide that churns you up, day after day.


You’re living a nightmare that’s sapped the light out of your life, and I know you want out of it.


I know you want to see her sparkle again.


I know you want to hear her laugh, and see her feeling like a kid again.


And I know you want to help her.


That’s why I wrote this book.


I want you to be able to ease her pain and take away her fear, and I want you both to feel happy again, even for a moment.

From My Family…To Yours

The day I had the idea to write Amazing Annabelle, we were having our weekly home care visit, so the nurse could change the bandage covering Emma’s broviac catheter site.


Emma hated the nurse’s big, yellow sterile gown and mask.  It took almost a month of these weekly visits before she could go through bandage changes without crying.  (Even after she ‘got used to it’, it was still a major source of anxiety, for both of us.)


On this day, Emma’s nurse and I did our usual prepping of what was about to happen.


We told Emma about the gown coming out, we played with the masks (as if that made them ANY better), and we tried our best to help her relax.


As I sat there, dreading the moment Emma got scared, an idea came to me, and I asked “Why don’t we pretend the nurse is a princess getting dressed up for a fancy ball?”


Do you know what Emma did in reply?  She laughed.


My tiny, scared three-year-old girl, who had plastic lines dangling out of her chest and surgical scars all over her torso, laughed.


At that moment, I realized I could take every one of the scary, awful experiences Emma had during her diagnosis, and I could turn them into lighthearted fantasies that would help her cope with what was happening.


And if that worked for her, I knew it could work for other kids going through the same thing.

See Smiles, Not Tears

Each fantasy in Amazing Annabelle will teach your little one to turn on her imagination and go to a better place when she’s scared, a skill that can help no matter where she is in her diagnosis or treatment.


Whether she needs help coping with anesthesia, is scared about surgery, or hates the way her homecare nurse looks in that sterile gown, she’ll have a solid, easy way to help herself cope.


And when you both need an escape from reality, Amazing Annabelle can help.


Each bright, colorful illustration will draw both of you into Annabelle’s epic fantasies, and away from the harsh realities of cancer.


You’ll lose yourselves in the fun, lyrical rhymes, and you’ll have a peaceful, happy story time no matter where you’re reading the book – at the hospital, or at home.

Feel Relieved, Not Helpless

Amazing Annabelle also gives your control back.


No more feeling helpless when you’re at the hospital, waiting for that moment her fear becomes too much.


No more trying to explain what’s going on, or wishing you could just do something to help her.


When you need to explain what’s going to happen, Annabelle will be there to help you explain it – with words that are easy to understand, and pictures that will keep her from being scared.


All of this means less stress and fear – for both of you.

Imagine Feeling Almost…Peaceful

You’d give anything to have even a few moments of your old life back, before you knew, before everything was blown to bits.


You may not be able to go back there, but you can make her world better with this book.


You can bring a peace back to your life you haven’t felt in a while.


You can help her cope with every scary thing cancer throws her way, and you can get both of you through this fight.


As if all that wasn’t enough, your purchase won’t just help your child, it’ll help researchers find better treatments for all kids, and a cure.


I’ve pledged 50% of my profit from sales of Amazing Annabelle to Unravel Pediatric Cancer, a charity that funds pediatric cancer research.


I know you want to see the day when no one needs a story about a little girl fighting cancer.  I do, too.


Until then, we’ll have hope.


And, with Amazing Annabelle’s help, a bright shining joy in the darkness.

© 2017 Mighty Girl Creative