Once Upon a Time...

There was a mom whose daughter went through cancer diagnosis, and every tear her little girl shed broke her heart.

She had to do something to make them both feel better, so she made up stories to get them through the procedures.

Stories where the MRI machine became a submarine, and nurses became princesses dressed for a ball.

These stories worked, but it wasn’t until she decided to share them with kids everywhere that her heart began to mend.

And that’s how Amazing Annabelle was born.

In November 2015 we took my three-year-old daughter Emma to the doctor because we noticed her right shoulder was sitting much higher than her left.

This appointment led to an MRI that led to the discovery of two large tumors in her body, one growing along her spine that was causing severe scoliosis, and one on her left adrenal gland/kidney that, because of its location and shape, was thought to be Neuroblastoma.

Emma went through more scans, and we prepared for her to start chemo after her biopsy surgery results came back.  She even had a broviac catheter placed so we could start treatment while she was recovering in the hospital.

But eventually, we got final pathology that her tumors were benign.

She was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis (NF1), which causes plexiform tumors to grow anywhere in the body.  So far, she’s got them in her chest and on her kidney.


It’s unacceptable to me that any child or parent has to go through what we did, and worse.

I wrote Amazing Annabelle so I could offer you some peace in a time full of darkness, with the hope that I could also help your little one cope with some of the things they have to endure.

I’ve pledged 50% of my profits from sales of Amazing Annabelle to pediatric cancer research because I want to take cancer into a dark alley and beat it to a pulp, but I can’t, so I’ll do the next best thing.

I won’t ever stop fighting for you and your family, and I hope you’ll take this book as what it’s meant to be: a warm, loving hug, from one parent to another.

You can reach me at dyan@smallbutmightybooks.com

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