If you don’t need a copy of Amazing Annabelle, but want to help a child who does, this spring I’ve partnered with Ellie’s Hats to send gift copies of Amazing Annabelle to children fighting cancer.

Ellie’s Hats is a charity based in Falls Church, Virginia that sends care packages to children who are fighting cancer.

Each child they serve receives 4-5 different style hats, a t-shirt, gift cards, crafts or toys, and even special gifts for their siblings.

With your help, Ellie’s Hats’ young recipients can also receive a copy of Amazing Annabelle – simply purchase a gift copy of Amazing Annabelle using the button on this page!

Each gifted copy of Amazing Annabelle costs $22 and will be sent to Ellie’s Hats at the end of this donation drive (around June 15th, 2017).

Your gift will also include a sticker on the inside front cover recognizing your generosity.

It’s super easy to order a gift copy, and even easier to spread joy to a child and family who’s battling cancer – just use the button below!

To send a gift of Amazing Annabelle to a loved one, simply use the Order Page and enter their name and address in the shipping section.

Other charities that have received gifted copies of Amazing Annabelle include:

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Get 11 printable games and puzzles for your kiddos -

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and long hospital stays!

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