Help A Child Who’s Fighting Cancer

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is scary for anyone – but for kids it’s worse.

A lot of times they’re too young to understand what’s going on.

They don’t know why they’re going to the hospital all the time, why they’re having surgery, why they’re taking medicine, and why they feel so bad.

But Amazing Annabelle can help.

It’s a story about a girl just like them, who goes through scans, surgery, and chemo, and teaches them how to cope with it all.

Annabelle explains what’s happening in a kid-friendly way, using bright pictures and fun rhymes to convey meaning.


And best of all, Amazing Annabelle gives kids a message of hope and courage when they need it most.

When you gift a copy of Amazing Annabelle, you’re giving a child and their family a leg up in their fight against cancer.

Less fear and stress means more strength – strength kids and families need to keep fighting, and surviving.

I’m currently collecting copies of Amazing Annabelle to gift to oncology patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

This is where Emma started her medical journey.

I’ve sat in the same waiting rooms as these families.  I’ve slept in a room next to theirs.  I’ve felt the same fear and despair.

This is the very least I can do for them, even though, like you, I want to give them the world.

So…will you help?

Dyan Fox Author

My goal is to gift 150 copies of Amazing Annabelle to Nationwide’s Oncology department – that’s one book for each child they’ll diagnose this year.

But I can’t do it without you!

Other charities that have received gifted copies of Amazing Annabelle include:

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